Grass Cutting – Frequently Asked Questions

Pevensey Parish Council have issued a frequently asked questions document on grass cutting.

The points listed below are designed to explain and answer some of the frequently asked questions on grass cutting. We are hoping that this will give local residents a better understanding on the grass cutting contract for Pevensey.

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Any Recent Changes?

Q. Have there recently been any changes in the way grass cutting in Pevensey and Pevensey Bay is managed?

There are two different systems for grass cutting within the villages of Pevensey and Pevensey Bay. One is called “Rural”, which covers main roads and the other is called “Urban”, which covers the residential areas. Until April 2019, these were both covered by East Sussex County Council (ESCC), although in the year 2018/19 a contribution of £2595 was required from Pevensey Parish Council (PPC). Historically, the villages had received up to 6 cuts per year, without a financial contribution.

Due to financial restrictions, ESCC changed the number of grass cuts it offers to towns and parishes from 6 to 2 Rural cuts but offered a financial contribution to those Parish Councils prepared to organise their own Urban contracts.

Faced with a reduction in the number of cuts, PPC took the decision to accept payment from ESCC to manage the urban grass cuts on its behalf with effect from 1st April 2019 and a contract was set up by PPC.

Which are the areas covered?

Q. Which are the areas covered by the Parish Council’s contractor for the Urban Cuts?

The following roads were provided by ESCC as their record of the urban cutting areas. Where verges are on both sides of the road, these have been taken into account:
Pevensey Bay

Timberlaine Road – Eastbourne Road to Beach
Milward Road – Timberlaine Road to Grenville Road
Grenville Road – Eastbourne Road to Beach
Innings Drive – Eastbourne Road to Circular
Val Prinseps Road – Val Prinseps to Rosetti Road
Val Prinseps Road – Eastbourne Road to Beach
Castleross Road – Val Prinseps Road to Norman Road
Eastbourne Road (property side) –Timberlaine Road to Cul de Sac (corner of Junction)
Castle Drive – Eastbourne Road to Cul de sac (footpath to kissing gate)
Castle Drive – roundabout
Leyland Road – Eastbourne Road to Norman Road
Bay Road – from Eastbourne Road to the Promenade
Collier Road – Eastbourne Road to the Promenade
Eastbourne Road – Merge with North Road
Richmond Road
Wallsend Road – Church Lane to Haven Garage (property side)
Wallsend Road – Pevensey Bay entrance to Dukelands to the traffic lights (property side)
Coast Road – Waverley Gardens to Ethel Wood Community Centre
Coast Road – Ethel Wood Community Centre to Marine Avenue
Marine Avenue
Westham Drive
Tower Close to Harold Close
The Square
Camber Way to Camber Drive
Camber Drive to The Square
The Square – Junction with Mountney Drive to Arundel Close
Camber Drive to Camber Close
Maresfield Drive to The Boulevard
The Boulevard to The Square


Castle Road – Junction High Street to outside of Priory Court Hotel
St Nicolas Close to Junction with Church Lane
Pevensey Road Bridge to the start of Bexhill Road
Church Lane

Which areas are managed by ESCC?

Q. Which areas of cutting are managed by East Sussex County Council?

The areas defined by ESCC as ‘Rural’ cuts and are generally found on ‘A’ roads. These remain under the management of ESCC and they will carry out 2 cuts per year on rural roadside verges. Within the Parish they are:

Eastbourne Road – From the bus shelter at the top of Timberlaine Road into Eastbourne
Wallsend Road – From Haven Garage to Pevensey Bay entrance to Dukelands
Wallsend Road – From High Street to Level Crossing (side adjacent Salt Haven)

How many cuts?

Q. How many cuts have been contracted?

Pevensey Parish Council has contracted 4 cuts a year on urban roadside verges. ESCC will provide 2 cuts a year on rural roadside verges.

‘Urban’ grass cut dates

Q. What dates has the ‘Urban’ grass been cut and when is the final cut?

16th April 2019 – 1st cut of Urban verges
22nd May 2019 – 2nd cut of Urban verges
5th/ 6th August 2019 – 3rd cut Urban verges
4th Cut – TBC – (This will be the last cut of the season.)

When will the Rural cuts take place?

Q. When will the Rural cuts take place?

These will take place twice per year; once in the middle of the season and once at the end of the growing season. The mid-season cut in our Parish by ESCC is due to take place now. However, after several reports to ESSC with regards to the overgrown grass on Wallsend Road causing an obstruction to pedestrians using the path, ESCC partially cut the grass on Friday 19th July 2019

However, dates for all cuts are subject to change as they can be affected by the weather.

Who is responsible for spraying the weeds?

Q. Who is responsible for spraying the weeds on the roads, pavements, drains and gutters?

This is and always has been the responsibility of ESCC.
ESCC sprayed the kerbs in the parish on Tuesday 16th July 2019.
Information on weed spraying is provided by ESSC.

Who do I report problems to?

Q. If there is problem with grass cutting or weeds who do I report it to?

Clearing weeds from gutters and drains – East Sussex County Council – click here
Urban grass verges – Pevensey Parish Council –
Rural grass verges – East Sussex County Council – click here

Who is responsible for The Parade on Beachlands

Q. Who is responsible for grass cutting on The Parade on Beachlands by the Bus stop?

This land is owned by ESCC, but they have now made an agreement with the PPC to cut and pay for this area using the Parish Council’s Contractor.
Three cuts have already taken place and a final will be done with the rest of the urban grass cutting.

1st Cut – 21st June 2019
2nd Cut – 12th July 2019
3rd Cut – 5th/6th August 2019
4th Cut – TBC

The maintenance of the trees on the Parade is the responsibility of ESCC.